As a multi-disciplined creative with a commitment to a sustainable, vegan lifestyle, I’ve combined my passion for the welfare of our planet and animals with my multi-layered creativity to make an impact.

Using my artistry and craftsmanship to help others and drive positive change is my biggest motive; and to share that with you as my customer means so much.

This. This is what this shop is all about. 

“I’m a firm believer that no individual or other species should suffer so we can express ourselves creatively and succeed in business. It’s essential to use our consumer power both as a business and as individuals to support ethical products and sustainable methods to effect positive change in the world.”

What makes this shop unique?


This online store provides another way to buy ethically. I use sustainable methods and materials which aim to have the smallest possible impact on the environment.


As a vegan myself, this is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free business with no animal-tested or derived supplies or materials.


To maximise my input and support causes I believe in, I also donate 5% of my monthly profits to charity.


Since 2016, I have ran my own vegan food blog, Life Without Meat. My food blog provides me with another creative outlet and opportunity to inspire others with delicious vegan recipes.  

GMG Creative is a bespoke collective service which offers: ethical wedding photography, vegan wedding cakes and vegan art commissions. All three artistic services are ethical, vegan and charitable in nature; much like this shop. Clients can book all three services as one package for an event, or individually as they please.


Assorted Vegan Cupcake Box


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Vegan Wedding Taster Cupcake Box